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Adaptive Fibers Technologies produces a non-woven cutting edge product utilizing re-purposed materials for commercial, residential and industrial applications.

We are a technologically advanced company providing a gateway to preventing plastic bottles from entering our landfills and waterways by upcycling them for use in other products from seat cushions to acoustical panels.


Our mission to remove VOC'S from our environment puts us on a journey toward a cleaner earth for future generations.


An Upcycle

Solutions Company


Clean bales of plastic bottles are striped of their labels and caps before being processed into pelletized plastic. This plastic is then melted and formed into ecofibril™ fiber.


Adaptive Fibers Technologies is dedicated to finding green solutions for our future. There is no question about it - when it comes to upcycling technology, we are the experts in product solutions for in and outside the home.

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